What’s new in the Ducati 2021 range

What’s new in the Ducati 2021 range

Farewell to Scrambler 400, Café Racer and Full Throttle. Here comes the Night Shift, with the Euro 5 and new versions of the XDiavel and Streetfighter.

Among the many novelties for 2021, we should mention the Dark version of
the Scrambler 1100;
thus, as in the best Ducati tradition (who does not remember the legendary Monster Dark?), we are in front of the economic version, which will still be useful as a basis for many enthusiasts for the elaborations of the case. Of course, this version is only available in Dark Stealth coloring, but it also differs in anodized aluminum parts and classic-flavoured rear-view mirrors: it is already available from dealers at the price of 12,490 Euros.

Turning to the scrambler 800 range, we must immediately note that all models are now Euro 5, thus complying with anti-pollution regulations.

Scrambler Icon will
be available in the classic yellow color, while the orange replaced by the classic Ducati red disappears; color change also for the
Desert Sled, now
blue with gold rims, truly elegant solution.

Models such as café racer and full throttle disappear from the price list; in their place is the Night Shift, a sort of synthesis of the two models of which it takes its place: its color is the Aviator Grey and stands out for the Café Racer saddle, the Full Throttle number tables, the spoked wheels, the handlebars of the 1100 Sport Pro and the mirrors of the Café Racer.

The Scrambler Night Shift.

The Scrambler bracket closes with a note that does not surprise us, as the model has never convinced us: the 400 version is no longer available that will be on sale only in Japan, where it has its own market thanks to the particular rules of issuance of the license in that country.

Two new features also in the XDiavel family, with the arrival of the XDiavel Black Star model and a new Dark Stealth coloring for the standard version.

The peculiarity of the Black Star is undoubtedly its livery with an alternate graphics, on tank and toe, gray and black opaque; there is obviously, as per Ducati tradition, parts in red color.

Here are the two new versions of the XDiavel, the Dark, above, has Carbon Black chassis and matte black wheels. Under the new Black Star.


Fenders and sideds are painted grey, while the frame is glossy black. The radiator cover and the saddle have also been renovated.

A distinctive element of the Black Star are the new rims forged and painted in glossy black. At the front the wheel rim is 3.5″ x 17”, while at the rear there is an 8″ x 17″‘ circle. A traditional 120/70 ZR17 tire with redesigned tread is mounted on the front rim to maximize wet performance, while the rear tire is 240/45 ZR17. The covers are the new Pirelli Diablo Rosso III.

In 2021, moreover, the DVT 1262 Narrowhead, used throughout the range, will comply with the Euro 5 regulations, a result achieved by changing the layout of the silencer, derived from that of the Diavel 1260. The XDiavel now delivers a maximum power of 160 hp at 9500 rpm and a maximum torque of 12.9 kgm at 5000 rpm.

Change the Streetfighter too

Important variations on the subject for the entire Streetfighter family, changes due mainly to the Euro 5 homologation and the adaptation to the related anti-pollution regulations. A very complex work that has intervened numerous updates for the exhaust of the Desmosedici Stradale and for engine calibration.

It therefore happens that the new silencer, although unchanged from an aesthetic point of view, now has larger catalysts that exploit a different technology.


Similarly, work was done on lengths and dimensions of the rear bank exhaust (shorter than 100 mm and of a smaller diameter, 38 mm as against 42 mm before) to keep engine performance unchanged.

Another necessary step, the introduction of four lambda probes, one for each cylinder, for a more refined control of the amounts of fuel injected. What’s interesting is that all these changes didn’t affect the power and torque values, which the Streetfighter 2021 simply achieves at different rotational speeds. In practice, the Euro 5 always delivers 208 Hp at 13,000 rpm, so 250 laps higher than the Euro 4 version; the same happens for the torque value, always equal to 12.5 Kgm, but at 9500 rpm, 2000 rpm lower than the previous version.

Another change, which affects all Streetfighters V4 2021, are the new front brake pumps and self-purging clutch; in practice, there is a “natural” purge, thus eliminating the need to intervene on the system in the event of air present in the circuit.

Also on the Streetfighter front, there is the new Dark Stealth coloring for the V4 S: a matte black livery that has the characteristic of being very elegant, but at the same time underlines the aggressiveness of this ultra-naked.

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