Scrambler 1100 Sport Pro: road test

Scrambler 1100 Sport Pro: road test

Try the Scrambler 1100 Sport Pro, a bike with a lot of style, lots of character and a high-end technical equipment, as well as the price.

After a couple of years of presence on the market, Ducati intervenes to renew the scrambler of greater displacement, proposing two significantly updated versions: the 1100 Pro and the Scrambler 1100 Sport Pro.

The most important difference between the two proposals is undoubtedly the cycling equipment, which sees the Sport equipped with Öhlins suspension (as well as low handlebars and Café Racer-style rear-view mirrors) that undoubtedly, in addition to the purchase price, greatly raise the quality level of the vehicle: this is precisely the version that is the subject of our test, which has seen me put this new version to the test in areas where the owners will use it more often, therefore highway, state and trendy local roads!

Do not take it as a provocation, but one of the most obvious merits of this new Scrambler is precisely its visual impact; where people pass turns, as if you stop in front of a trendy bar: people are attracted to this model and questions and curiosities are wasted.

Moreover, the Scrambler 1100 Sport Pro is a very well-groomed bike, well finished in detail and in this respect I can certainly say that in Borgo Panigale they did an excellent job.

From the handlebars, which is variable section, to the rims, excellently worked, each accessory is very well cared for as, to continue the list, the various aluminum covers painted in black color.

Also very characteristic is the front headlight that inside houses a metal “X” of black color in memory of the protective tape that in the seventies was used in the world of off-roading.

prova_ducati_scrambler_1100_sport_pro (4)
A characteristic element of this proposal is the front light, which is inspired by the tape that off-road enthusiasts applied on the lighthouse in the 1970s to preserve the optical group. Similarly, a black metal “X” was created inside the lighthouse. The headlight has a glass lens and DRL (Daytime Running Light) with frame. The Sport version differs from the basic version essentially in the presence of Öhlins suspension, low handlebar and Café Racer-style rear-view mirrors.

However clear it may be, the Pro is certainly not a flashy model, indeed in my opinion it is very elegant, as demonstrated by the successful contrast between the black and gold colors of the suspensions.

A comfortable bike at low speeds,thanks above all to the comfortable saddle, very agile and, unlike many other Ducati, with also a remarkable steering angle, which facilitates low-speed maneuvers.

This is to the advantage of a city use, also thanks to the fact that the height from the ground of the saddle is contained and allows a person above one meter and seventy in height to easily put both feet on the ground.

prova_ducati_scrambler_1100_sport_pro (6)
The photo highlights how with the Scrambler 1100, thanks to the low height of the saddle, it is easy to rest both feet on the ground. For our trial we chose clothing produced and marketed by Wheel Up, including the hp5.41 neon yellow helmet, the Airtour Aqvadry jacket, the Nashville technical pants with kevlar protections, gear air leather gloves and Style 2.2 air shoes in black and white colors.

The Scrambler 1100 Sport Pro on the highway

Where, on the other hand, the Scrambler Sport Pro is a little less comfortable is in motorway transfers, despite its 15-liter steel tank and the comfortable saddle with a new coating can suggest an ideal use even at this juncture.

In fact, this is the case, as long as you do not overdo it with gas, because as soon as you go a little faster the impact with the air becomes really important: up to 120 km/h you go quietly, but as soon as you increase the gait resist the wind is really tiring; the problem, in my opinion, arises from the position in the saddle to which the rider is obliged on this Sport version, with the handlebars very straight and the platforms quite moved forward.

The whole thing translates into a somewhat recessed posture, I could almost tell C, so as to create with the body a real sail, too bad it is in the opposite direction to the march!

Not bad, moreover, the user of this bike is difficult to use it to do long-haul tourism, even less that he uses it in demanding motorway transfers.

A speech that also involves the passenger, at ease for short stretches, thanks to the comfortable saddle, but undoubtedly also subject, for longer journeys, to complete exposure to air.

We bring the Scrambler back to the curves of the hills

We therefore bring the 1100 back to its roads, then to the hills, where it is certainly much more comfortable and turns out to be a very fun bike,with an excellent acceleration and very elastic: whatever the gear inserted the Sport takes you out of the curves without embarrassment and with a remarkable progression.

In this sense, the performance of the electronic equipment is optimal that allow you to take some freedom, such as opening the gas at the end of the curve, so much so that the bike never shows signs of loss of grip, always proving to be very stable.

This happens whatever riding mode is chosen (which we remember are defined as Active, Journey and City),on which you can still intervene to customize the various parameters, always having a fluid dispensing of the large 1100 twin cylinder that goes smoothly fluid and constant in every situation.

prova_ducati_scrambler_1100_sport_pro (2)
The new Scrambler 1100 is equipped with a Ducati Traction Control calibrated specifically for the model and ABS Cornering that guarantees safety in any type of curve. The three standard Riding Modes are called Active, Journey and City and allow you to adapt the performance and intervention of electronic components according to the situations of use and your driving style. The Riding Mode Active guarantees full engine power, a direct connection with the gas control and a level of Traction Control designed for the sporty driving. The Riding Mode Journey is perfect for everyday use and offers full twin-cylinder power, a smoother gas connection than riding mode active, and a level of Traction Control developed for thoughtless driving. The third Riding Mode, the City, has engine power limited to 75 Hp (and 88 Nm of maximum torque), a very fluid gas connection and a traction control level that guarantees the highest level of safety.

In short, to cut a long story short, the bike is already calibrated very well for road use and there is no need to go and look for who knows what: it is an easy to ride bike, with a generous and ready engine that, even if you feel that it is a twin-cylinder, reminds more, in terms of delivery, of the linearity of a four-cylinder.

The road holding is excellent thanks to the effectiveness of the Öhlins suspensions which, however, in the standard setting, have the defect of being a little too rigid,so much so that you can feel directly the roughness and imperfections of the asphalt, now unfortunately known frequent and sore of Italian roads.

An almost track setting, which is especially evident in the fork, particularly abrupt in the first phase, so much so that the stresses are discharged on the back and arms. Of course, being this fully adjustable (as well as the mono), with a little sensitivity, or rather, relying on a specialist, it is easy to find the right setting in tune with your driving style.

At the rear the optical unit is full LED with diffusion effect and exploits a unique technology in the world of two wheels: a matte diffuser lens works in combination with an electric board with 12 LEDs and 18 LEDs in the stop function. The direction indicators are positioned on the sides of the front optical group and on the rear fender.

A merit of this bike is undoubtedly the braking,which is very important, as a sports bike: I could almost say that this is its strong point, as even at low speeds it is perfect, never abrupt, very modular. Moreover, we are talking about a system that sees at the front two 320 mm diameter discs coupled with two brembo M 4.32B single-block piston calipers with radial attachment.

Even at this juncture, however, the importance of electronic aid, such as thepresence of Abs Cornering, areal lifesaver as it allows emergency braking even in the middle of the corner, should be emphasized.

In my opinion, it should be standard on all motorcycles, and I say this as an old-fashioned motorcyclist who has not always digested well the various electronic equipment introduced in recent years; having got used to it, however, it now seems unthinkable to have to do without Abs Cornering!

There is no shortage of opportunities to use it, and this has also happened in this test; all it takes is a sudden obstacle, the usual distracted motorist, an unexpected situation to be managed in the middle of the corner.

The huge advantage of Cornering is that even in these situations at the limit you can stay calm and manage the situation well: you know that you can act strongly on the front brake and that as the only reaction you will have the straightening of the bike.

But let’s get back on our Scrambler Sport Pro 1100 to take a look at the control deck, characterized by the unique instrumentation consisting of two elements: the main one has a circular design and is completely digital, with the scale of the motor revolution indicator inspired by the speedometers of the motorcycles of the seventies, while the second element has an oval shape and displays the speed and opening of the stand.

prova_ducati_scrambler_1100_sport_pro (1)

Also excellent are the bar-end mirrors that, contrary to what I imagined, have proved more effective than the usual solution, as they offer an excellent view; are rigid and stable, once you have placed them they no longer move.

Finally, can you conclude an article dedicated to such a motorcycle without addressing the price discourse?

Yes, the Pro costs a lot (more than 15,000 euros) but in my opinion it is a quotation justified by the equipment.

Of course, for a naked it is certainly an important price, but here we are faced with a very engaging style operation, as demonstrated by the interchangeable cheeks of the tank, the double overlapping exhaust and that name on the tank that always makes the difference.

All the things you pay for, as well as ride by wire electronic management and the presence of the inertial platform with all the active security benefits that come with it.

prova_ducati_scrambler_1100_sport_pro (3)
The Scrambler 1100 Sport Pro is offered in Matt Black coloring with interchangeable cheeks on which the 1100 logo is painted. The steel tube frame and the aluminum rear frame are in black color. The various aluminum covers are also of the same color. The rear of the bike is the one that characterizes it most, thanks to the presence of the double right side exhaust and the low license plate door.

In short, the Scrambler 1100 Sport Pro is beautiful and stylish, but it also has a lot of substance!

Photo Federico Vitali

The Scrambler 1100 Sport Pro at a glance

Matt Black with 1100 logo painted on black cheeks, frame and frame, black hoops, brown saddle


Main equipment
Drip steel tank with interchangeable aluminum cheeks
Low saddle (810 mm) for perfect standing manoeuvrability
Double side discharge
Low portatarga
Low handlebar in aluminum with variable section
Mirrors Café Racer
Front headlight with glass lens and DRL with frame and X black color
Rear headlight with diffusion LED technology
Dual-element LCD instrumentation
1079cc air-cooled L-twin engine
Carter covers machine-worked aluminum straps
Double beam frame in steel and aluminum frame
Aluminium die-cast swingarm
Aluminium cover painted in black
18″ spoked wheels at the front and 17″ at the rear
Pirelli MT60 RS tyres optimized for scrambler
ABS Bosch Cornering
Traction Control
3 Riding Mode (Active, Journey and City)
USB socket for cellular charging under the saddle
Dedicated saddle lining
Adjustable Öhlins fork, adjustable Öhlins shock absorber

Euro 15,490

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Scrambler 1100 Sport Pro: road test

Try the Scrambler 1100 Sport Pro, a bike with a lot of style, lots of character and a high-end technical equipment, as well as the price.

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