Road Map, the tour of the world of Monetti and Tartarini in Ducati 175

Road Map is a collectible book+DVD that tells an epic feat, the tour of the world of Monetti and Tartarini riding two Ducati 175s.

Road Map, a precious piece of Ducati corporate history

It is 1957,a period that sees a slow but significant rebirth of the Beautiful Country after the dark period of the Second World War, a rebirth of which Ducati Meccanica absolutely wants to be part. Among the plans of the Borgo Panigale company there is to advertise its products through an adventure (at least for those times) decidedly epic: the tour of the world on two Ducati 175 conducted

by the motorcycle champion Leopoldo Tartarini and his friend Giorgio Monetti.

The project Road Map is an unprecedented collection of letters and recordings soaked in the dust of a thousand streets,but above all of the most varied emotions of the two travelers and developing a strong empathy towards them is almost inevitable, how pleasant: the problems encountered in Yugoslavia,the suffering in the Australian desert,the wonders encountered in India,the joy of some peoples at their arrivals and the mistrust of others, friends and enemies encountered along the way, are all elements told with great intensity and , very often, with great charm and passion.

Going forward, in fact, you realize that the leading role of the story cannot be traced solely to motorcycles and its leaders: the real protagonist is the World (so different from now) and its infinite cultures, beauties and dangers told by the curious and adventurous eye of two young people and by the perseverance of two faithful mechanical steeds.

Astute to begin this story from the end, that is, from the arrival at the finish line of the two young people, in order to make you understand the epicness of this wonderful and crazy journey into the various souls of which the World is composed.

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What the Road Map project contains:

  • The book in collectible edition
  • The DVD with:

The film 1 MAPPA PER 2 directed by Roberto Montanari and Danilo Caracciolo, production POPCult.

16 mm restored integral shot with musical accompaniment by Riccardo Nanni (dur. 80′)

  • The music CD with the soundtrack of the film 1 MAPPA PER 2

On the last page of the book they find the CD and DVD


Here are some reasons why Road Map can’t miss in a true ducatista’s library

– The project collects a precious piece of Ducati’s corporate history.

– Road Map has a lot of new material.

– 1 MAP BY 2   it has been presented at numerous italian and foreign festivals. He’s won a lot of awards.

– Tartarini and Monetti have remained figures in Ducati history even after that venture, and have become protagonists of many innovations in Ducati, including the initial conception of the Scrambler project.

– The company narrated in Road Map determined the surge in sales abroad in the following years for Ducati, which demonstrated in the field the “technical” approach tried by the incredible resistance of the Ducati 175 in extreme conditions. 

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