Ducati Heroes

Giuliano Musi’s book is about the riderstechnicians and managers who wrote the history of the redheads of Borgo Panigale.

This new book written by Giuliano Musi

starts from the first ducati success in the field of engines, obtainedrider the mechanic-rider Recchia in 1946 with the Cucciolo on the circuit obtained inside the Margherita Gardens of Bologna, and then ended with Lucchinelli,

who won in 1988 the victory in the first Superbike race.

A historic ride that brings to light every aspect of the old Ducati,revolutionized by the engineer Taglioni who perfected the desmodromic system and designed about 1000 models. The initial part of the volume is dedicated to the profiles of about riders Italian drivers, of various competitive thicknesses, who brought the Ducati name to the podium, some in the World Championship, others only in the class rankings in minor competitions.

The second section is dedicated to the great designers such as Taglioni, to the engineers, trainers, technicians and mechanics of the stables that operated with him even when the parent company had officially withdrawn from the competitions.

The third section shows about 600 profiles riders drivers, also of various value, who raced and won riding the Ducati. The fourth part is a set of Ducati curiosities that ranges from flying mechanics, decisive for triumphs in motogiro, to the riders of the great raids, to those of the world records.

The final section shows the most successful bikes with their respective technical characteristics.

The first question that arises spontaneously is why the long list of riders who won on Ducati stops in Lucchinelli: the reason is that all the Superbike world champions, up to Capirossi and Stoner in Moto GP, would not have had the opportunities found in Ducati if, from the post-war period onwards, there had not been enthusiasts like Mario Recchia who paved the way for them.

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