ASI certifies the bikes of the Giro del Mondo

ASI certifies the bikes of the Giro del Mondo

The certificate was issued on Sunday 4 October, during a session organized by ams “Bagni della Porretta”.

The two Ducati 175s, with which Leopoldo Tartarini and Giorgio Monetti, between 1957 and 1958,
toured the
world on motorcycles obtained the certification of the ASI – Historic Italian Motor Club as unique examples.

The two vehicles still bear all the signs of the enterprise, which lasted more than a year, in which they faced all kinds of difficulties, from the march in the mud in which they sank to half, to the rarefied air of the Andes that made it almost impossible to climb over 4000 meters with carburetor motorcycles, which instead had to rise to over 5000! The vehicles were fundamentally modified originally by the Ducati prototype department, with the addition of bumper tubes, luggage racks and metal frames welded to the chassis to carry the travel suitcases in which the two adventurous had crammed luggage and spare parts in tow, waiting for the motorcycles to be invented.

Giorgio Monetti is on the right, sitting, during the ceremony.

The certification granted by ASI is therefore particularly important because it recognizes the value of the company, the historicity and uniqueness of the two vehicles used by Tartarini and Monetti. Precisely for this reason the AMS “Bagni della Porretta” organized an event made solemn by the presence of Luca Manneschi (president of the ASI Culture Commission), Stefano Antoniazzi (president of the National Technical Commission Moto ASI), Livio Lodi (conservative Ducati Museum) and the mayor of Alto Reno Terme, Giuseppe Nanni; among the guests also Roberto Montanari, co-author of the film “
Map for 2
” in which the crazy and very funny feat of the two Bolognese friends is told in detail.

The two bikes had been left to the protagonists of the adventure and were the subject of a conservative restoration precisely to shoot some scenes of the film, led once again by Leopoldo Tartarini and Giorgio Monetti, despite several more spring. “Poldino”, as he was called, passed away five years ago, Giorgio instead was the protagonist of the ceremony, during which he told numerous anecdotes of the adventure, stimulated in memories by Giorgia, Tartarini’s wife.

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