Joan Mir and suzuki on the roof of the world

Joan Mir and suzuki on the roof of the world

In the Grand Prix of the Valencian Community, with merit, Suzuki allows young Mir to win the world championship. On Franco Morbidelli’s day, Ducati and especially Yamaha are the great defeats of 2020.

Joan Mir made it – he’s the 2020World Champion , the Champion of this surreal season.
Mir and Suzuki built the brick-by-brick victory,without the taste of dominance, taking advantage of the difficulties of opponents and rivers of points that they were able to miss.

This season, despite this, nothing can take away the credit of those who have worked well, staying out of the hype, managing the situation at a technical and sporting level in an admirable way.

Mir, suzuki, the team led by Davide and Roberto Brivio,were the three sides of a team that – at some point in the season – found itself favored by events and had the skill not to miss the opportunity. The victory of the young Spanish rider, without the unscrupulousness of the domination, was still consumed at a race from the end. There are many who will have to recriminate.
Suzuki won and – realistically – delivered the decent homework when everyone else went off topic.

He got Honda wrong first,relying with pride and arrogance only on the extraordinary Marc Marquez, and wrecking when the phenomenon had to forcibly call itself out.
Yamaha was wrong,the one that after a bang start with Fabio Quartararo, realized late on the thousand technical difficulties in which it would debate.

Suzuki delivered the decent homework when everyone else went off topic

Yamaha has to bite its hands: net of the next race, next Sunday in Portimao, it is the one that has been defeated counting seven victories, against two of Suzuki and one, personal, of the new Champion. Out of thirteen races played.

In their ranks, Fabio Quartararo and Franco Morbidelli,can countthree each, the French shipwrecked after having deluded themselves to be able to dominate, and the Italian who proves, even after the Grand Prix won yesterday, the most balled rider of the last part of the season.

Technical crisis, a thousand problems, engines gone up in smoke are the photographs that the House of Iwata will put on its 2020 album, next to those of Quartararo, Morbidelli and Viñales who climb seven times on the highest step of the podium. For Ducati then Mir’s victory has the taste of the end of hope, the end of Andrea Dovizioso’s hopes, reduced to the light before yesterday’s race and resembling a long, slow, agony.

Morbidelli wins Valencia GP after fight with Miller

More and more, from mid-season onwards, Andrea’s position, held in the fight for the title by the dispersion of points, was the image of a sort of sad and terrible therapeutic relentlessness.

That ended yesterday, with the victory of Joan Mir and with a nice race by Andrea, coming back from the position in which on the grid he had become bogged down after he had failed to overcome the barrier of Q1. Eighth at the end. Ducati is also among the great defeats, due to a sports policy that has deflated its official drivers of every desire, of every certainty, of the sacrosanct expectation of having behind them a team from which to feel supported and protected.

Andrea Dovizioso-GP of Valencia

For those who are called to give the maximum to more than 300 per hour on a circuit, trying to get as close as possible to the insurplicable limits of physics is fundamental.
 The technical problems, which have also been there, take second place to the serenity that you have not been able to give to the riders.
On Ricardo Tormo, in the Grand Prix of the Valencian Community,for Yamaha and Ducati, the defeats of 2020, the mockery and the counterbalance are called Franco and Jack.

With Marca’s companions beleathed by a thousand problems, Morbidelli and Jack Miller

  were able to get behind, capable of resisting a merciless war of nerves, measured in tenths, in cents, in meters, in centimeters, and – having come to do so – they were able to challenge themselves in one of the most beautiful last laps ever. Hard, clean, lucid and loyal, to give them holy reason to get to win.

First then the Italian and according to the Australian,to save the honor of Borgo Panigale. If Morbidelli dominated the Valencian weekend, Miller was the expression of those who did not give up and believed it all the way.

But joan mir won the championship,delivering an honest little task that others were unable to gag or had the pride not to lower themselves to do.

Mir won yesterday starting from twelfth position and finishing seventh, he won only one race and it was enough for him.

SBK a Jerez: avanti tutta!

A Jerez de la Frontera, seconda tappa del campionato SBK, si ri-accende lo spettacolo con Ducati protagonista. Doppietta di Redding e secondo posto in gara 2 per Davies.

Andrea Tessieri

Andrea Tessieri, da sempre appassionato di motociclismo sportivo, segue le tappe italiane del WorldSBK e del mondiale GP professionalmente dalla fine degli anni novanta. Collaboratore di Mondo Ducati come fotografo e giornalista fin dai primi numeri, la propensione alla studio della storia del motociclismo sportivo lo porta alla pubblicazione di Ducati Racing, nel 1999, e del più recente Ducati Legends, uscito alla fine del 2021.

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