Ducati Performance accessories ignite the sporty spirit of the Diavel 1260

From the Ducati Performance catalogue a selection of accessories to enhance the sport-naked attitude of the Diavel 1260

Powerful and muscular, but at the same time agile between curves and able to guarantee maximum driving pleasure: the Diavel 1260 combines the performance of a maxi-naked with the ergonomics of a muscle cruiser and thanks to the 159 hp DVT 1262 narrowhead engine, it releases a sporty attitude of reference. A predisposition that Ducati wants to support by offering its enthusiasts a selection of accessories from the Ducati Performance catalog able to further enhance the sporting spirit of this bike.

All accessories are made with the best materials and are designed not only to enhance the performance and driving comfort of the Diavel, but also to perfectly integrate the contemporary style of this model, considered an icon of Italian design and able to receive awards in important international awards such as the “Red Dot Awards” and the “Good Design Awards”.

Among the accessories proposed are the complete exhaust group, designed to enhance the high torque and power skills of the Diavel 1260, the aluminum rims forged by an ultramodern design that give lightness and agility to the shapes of the bike, the comfort saddle with an increased height compared to the standard version, as well as a series of details made of aluminum from the full that contribute to increase both the functionality and style of the Diavel family.

All accessories are available and can be purchased on   the Ducati website in the dedicated   section and in all the dealers of the Ducati network.

Complete unloading group
The complete exhaust set is designed to enhance the already high torque and power skills of the Diavel 1260, with particular care in accentuating the aesthetics of the muscle-cruiser par excellence.

The exhaust group is made of steel, synonymous with robustness, while the fondues are made of aluminum alloy obtained from the solid. Installing the complete exhaust set results in an improvement in both torque and power over the entire engine use so as to further improve the performance of the bike. The aesthetics of the Diavel are transformed with the assembly of the exhaust assembly thanks to the outputs on both sides and the expertly worked aluminum exhaust caseback.

Carbon front and rear fender
The Diavel’s style is enhanced by these racing-derived carbon fiber details. The accurate realization of the front fender and the rear fender gives lightness and a precious touch to the modern aesthetic of the front, as well as providing excellent protection to the Diavel.

Cover for fluid brake and clutch tanks
Ducati design combines with Rizoma’s experience to give life to a unique detail, made of aluminum with high quality anodizing, to maintain the original appearance over time. The strong lines of this accessory enrich and enhance the muscular look of the Diavel.

Full aluminum pinion cover
A precious accessory with high quality workmanship and anodizing, designed to maintain the original appearance over time and offer excellent protection. The bold lines and light-dark play of this unique detail give the muscular look of the Diavel a touch of style that will not go unnoticed.

Aluminum tank cap from full
Made of full aluminum, the tank cap maintains its original appearance over time thanks to the high-quality anodization studied by Ducati in collaboration with Rizoma. The tank cap is equipped with an anti-tampering system to ensure maximum safety. The special key supplied in the kit, which reproduces the Ducati shield, makes the design of this accessory even more unique and the refueling much faster, in a perfect combination of functionality and style.

Full aluminum clutch cover
Designed to offer excellent protection in case of slip. The highest quality anodization ensures high strength and maintains the original appearance over time. The exclusive design enhances the precious aesthetics of the bike, giving it an even more unmistakable look.

Aluminum frame caps from full
The unmistakable Ducati design combines with rizoma’s experience to give life to an accessory, 100% made in Italy, which goes perfectly with the muscular line of the bike and enriches the traliccio frame, becoming its distinctive element. The high-quality anodizing and meticulous workmanship maintain the original appearance over time and embellish the decided and refined style of the Diavel.

Aluminium rear-view mirrors
Made with 3D machining, the rear-view mirrors guarantee maximum stability, thanks to the aerodynamic line. The rear-view mirrors have an attractive design that helps to improve the aesthetics of the bike. Produced in collaboration with Rizoma.

Forged aluminum rims
With an ultramodern design, expertly finished. The forging process gives lightness and agility to sculptural and muscular shapes. Standard sizes: 3.50″x17″/8.00″x17.

Comfort saddle
The height of the seat, increased compared to the standard version, combined with the construction of more compact foams and the technical fabric coating, offers maximum support and minimizes rider ridersignificantly improving comfort and driving position. The perfect accessory to face long stretches without fatigue.

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