MotoGp 2021: ducati attack training

MotoGp 2021: ducati attack training

The grand prix starts again from the Losail track for the Qatar night race, which was also the unique venue for pre-season testing.

On the last weekend of March the lights will be turned on (also literally…) on the MotoGP World Championship. Ducati deploys a team of fierce riders, each of whom will show up at the start with a personal goal to achieve.

The riders and teams are ready, the engines will turn on and – at the end of this weekend – the first boxes of the rankings will be filled.

MotoGP 2021, the starting point

We start again with our memories of what happened last year, of that anomalous championship for a thousand reasons, with the knowledge that this too will be a product of the dramatic global pandemic situation but also with a previous experience, and therefore – this time – with a certain amount of experience.

All the teams are fierce, everyone will look for their own revenge and Mir and Suzuki will try to legitimize a title that has arrived – there is no discussion – but that has been far from the taste of domination, if not just of competitive struggle.

Mir wins At Gp Europe World Mortgage

We do not believe that Joan Mir is considered the man to beat: we start from scratch. In this context, the first thing we have to consider is that this championship, in fact, a man to beat does not have it.

Last year we started with the tradition that had lasted for years and that placed Marc Marquez to rise as a wall to be overcome, then the accident that stopped him designated Quartararo as the most accreditable aspirant to the throne … then, wetting the dust of yamaha’s Frenchman, the kaos.

And we start from here, waiting for what will become of the return of the Marquez marked with the number 93, and with the hope and awareness that what happened to Mir in 2020 could perhaps happen to you too. Ducati and Yamaha, in the role of the great defeats of 2020, have sharpened their weapons.

The Ducati strategy

The racing department of Borgo Panigale – which is what we are interested in – has made a revolution starting from afar, announcing the refoundation of its team that we were still in the first third of last season.

If the way things went, this bold move – in many ways unpopular – may also have meant not being able to win the 2020 title, it is certain that the intent of the summits was to see new air blowing on the Project of the Desmosedici of the Luigi Dall’Igna era and last week’s tests can only confirm this: the Ducati Lenovo Team presents itself with Jack Miller in front of everyone, to frighten the opponents, and – in a championship that presents itself without a certain reference to beat – this will have its great importance.

ducati_motogp_qatar (1)

I don’t want them at Suzuki and I also apologize to Mir, but for me it starts as if from a vacant title situation. Jack Miller stunned and the Australian will first look for the piece he lacks: the first victory, not so much to increase his self-esteem (we do not believe he ever missed it…), but precisely to achieve that result that he missed last year.

And then from there you will see. Francesco Bagnaia, on the other hand, won last year, then he got injured, he came back great and then slumped at the end: for him the fight is open first of all to try to be at least on the same level as his teammate, for the moment an absolute reference for everyone. Pecco will also have to prevail on another front: that of embodying the role of best of the large patrol of Italian riders who will be at the start this year.

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He, Morbidelli, Bastianini and Marini and also, why not, Petrucci, are required to collect the witness that inevitably Valentino Rossi will leave as an idol of Italian fans.

Pramac and Esponsorama teams

Then there is the Pramac Racing team, which deserves some consideration; born on the ashes of Luis D’Antin’s team, a long time ago, in the initial intention of acting as a junior team for the racing department of Borgo Panigale, it has been presenting itself for some seasons as a mature and structured team, so much so that it has reached the status of second Ducati team, a beautiful reality to be included now among the top teams, crediting itself almost with the same possibilities and being able to aspire to the same ambitions.

Johann Zarko is the leading rider, a mastiff, sometimes a casinista, one who – if transported back in time – would not have disfigured in the struggles at the last detached in the 80s and 90s championships. The French feels strong the rivalry with compatriot Fabio Quartararo and will do the impossible to highlight himself.

At her side, to keep alive the spirit of nursery represented by the team of Paolo Campinoti, there is the young Jorge Martin, one of the terrible guys who have given her holy reason in the minor categories, as well as the riders of the Esponsorama Racing team: here, the fresh Moto2 World Champion and the rival are gathered under one roof and riding their Desmosedici painted in the different colors of their sponsors.


The two will try to learn and impose themselves, mainly on each other, continuing in MotoGP the fight that saw them face to face in the cadet championship last year. Enea Bastianini has repeatedly declared her passion for Ducati and is among the young people the only one not to gravitate in the lap generated by the VR46 Riders Academy, of which Luca Marini, but also Pecco Bagnaia and Franco Morbidelli are the products. One more reason to try to prevail over our fellow countrymen.


Luca, for his part, in addition to being in the spotlight to be the brother of the National Vale, will have to try to assert himself in two directions: try to free himself from the heavy burden of illustrious kinship and shine with his own light and prevail over Bastianini who beat him last year. But enough is enough, the chatter is zero: turn on the engines and start the show!

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Andrea Tessieri

Andrea Tessieri, da sempre appassionato di motociclismo sportivo, segue le tappe italiane del WorldSBK e del mondiale GP professionalmente dalla fine degli anni novanta. Collaboratore di Mondo Ducati come fotografo e giornalista fin dai primi numeri, la propensione alla studio della storia del motociclismo sportivo lo porta alla pubblicazione di Ducati Racing, nel 1999, e del più recente Ducati Legends, uscito alla fine del 2021.

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