Ducati Multistrada V4, Alessandro’s test

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Ducati Multistrada V4, Alessandro’s test

di Alessandro Bianchi.  Osservandola fuori dal salone, lontana dai riflettori e dalle luci che le davano le sembianze di una prima donna, ora sul piazzale, l’effetto visivo è differente, sembra più modesta e le sue dimensioni meno imponenti, mi sembra snella nella parte posteriore ed anche il frontale non è così imponente come mi era […]

by Alessandro Bianchi.

Looking out of the salon, far from the spotlight and the lights that gave her the appearance of a first lady, now on the forecourt, the visual effect is different, it looks more modest and its dimensions less imposing, it seems slender in the back and even the front is not as imposing as it seemed to me, aesthetically I do not pronounce, although I admit that I do not mind , otherwise everything is absolutely subjective and questionable.

Getting in the saddle I notice with amazement that the trim has been distorted compared to the previous versions, the very wide handlebar is rotated towards the rider and strongly recalls the typical approach that BMW adopts in its models, in particular with the Gs, moreover the plexiglass is also very similar reproposing a clear similarity with the XR 1000. The position is upright, and the back remains perpendicular to the bike, proposing a comfortable and natural position, the saddle is not high and allows you to easily rest your feet on the ground, transmitting a feeling of total control.

multistrada_v4_ducati_prova (2)

The instrument panel is larger and offers a completely revised new graphics, easily readable and complete with all the information. But as soon as I set it in motion I feel something is missing ………. The music, the sound, the noise is almost non-existent, I can not believe it, and it is from here that you begin to understand and realize the extent of the epochal upheaval that has been made, the first Ducati creature totally aphona, which impresses !!!!!

I put the first, I leave and with immense amazement, the bike seems to go alone, the clutch is soft and detaches without having to calibrate the lever, so much so that it looks like a Gs, just in motion I remain grounded by a wonderful dynamic balance, which transmits a feeling of weightlessness, which allows you to go at a human pace with an embarrassing ease, allowing you to stop without almost having to put your feet on the ground , a feature that can be found, coincidentally, only in the Gs; and since we are there, I would like to say that already, there will be many analogies and similarities that can be found with the antagonist Teutonic, so much so that it is almost to be thought if they created it on purpose, as someone said “to think badly is sinned, but often one guesses !!!”.

multistrada_v4_ducati_prova (4)

The engine is something truly new, it absolutely affects the ability to turn paro without the slightest tear at very low speeds, even with high gears, and at the same time to be always present at the slightest hint of gas, allowing you to extricate yourself in the city traffic with extreme naturalness and I dare say even with a certain pleasure, given the ease of turning in confined spaces with extreme ease , thanks to the lightness it transmits in driving and a linear dispensing, which almost makes you want to use it also to go and get an ice cream in city traffic.

The suspensions work excellently, managing to almost completely cancel the holes and disconnections present in a city like Rome. I get out of traffic and head out of town, to the routes known to me, which for several years now have become essential for the various tests. On the road you appreciate the excellent aerodynamic protection that is located at the highest levels, in fact you travel at high speeds without noticing thanks to the almost total absence of turbulence, for the highest it is necessary to raise the plexi to avoid slight interference on the upper part of the helmet.

multistrada_v4_ducati_prova (3)

Finally come the curves !!!!!

The Multistrada V4 offers an excellent driving pleasure that is appreciated even better in the mix, thanks to its extreme agility, where it amazes with the speed with which it literally falls into the curves, thanks to the front from 19 and a shorter wheelbase than the previous model, it allows a round and fluid journey combined with a great ease of driving due also and especially to the almost total absence of load transfers in the detached, which brings us back to another similarity with the antagonist Gs.

In fact, the electronics manage the suspensions in order to limit the excursion of the front in compression and that of the rear in extension, thus finding a motorcycle with an always neutral trim, which does not break down into a curved input, reproposing the concept and operation of an electronic Telelever, thus obtaining the same result, but with the difference of being able to disable this function and return to a traditional guide.

multistrada_v4_ducati_prova (5)

Honestly impressed by his dynamic behavior, I take a taste and begin to force the entrances, anticipating the opening of the gas, increasing the angles of inclination, but with amazement I realize that if whipped the front tends to slide and does not offer a feeling of safe support, I assume that probably the high front joining the wheel of 19, allows within certain limits a very easy and fun driving , but if you dare to go further, the margin of stability and safety is reduced exponentially, quickly reaching the limit of motion.

The gearbox is not very fast, but it works well, maybe a hard hair, and the quick shifter is ok both up and down. The engine torque is gone giving way to a full-bodied and always present linearity that makes progression the strength of this engine, presenting itself full and without uncertainties at all speeds, but without upsetting or surprising you and the taste and pleasure of the good old rude and arrogant couple, who abused your kidneys and back , making you smile inside the helmet like a child, alas, there is no more, all in favor of polite and composed progress, where each action must be matched by an absolutely predictable and manageable reaction in every context.

As for the brakes, Ducati never makes mistakes, in fact the system is not only powerful, but also offers as usual the prerogative of excellent modularity that transmits a clear feeling of control and safety on the vehicle, even on wet or dirty roads. Maps and electronics are absolutely at the top of the category, everything is manageable and adjustable with ease and intuition, and in addition to the new new evolutionary steps, make it to date perhaps the most technologically complete medium.

Concluding the new Multistrada V4, it is certainly an absolutely versatile bike where it manages to provide driving pleasure in all contexts, including the city. Suitable for travel and long journeys, it is comfortable and not tired, certainly what is most striking is its EASE of driving that in some ways is unseating, a means within everyone’s reach, from the newb to the most experienced biker.

multistrada_v4_ducati_prova (6)

A big thank you to Ducati Roma, in particular to the director Luca Nanni, who as always available and courteous made available to us the bike for our test.

Good way to all Biker’s

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