Bimota Classic Parts: the house of Bimota

In Chiusi, Tuscany, the new headquarters of the “Bimota Classic Parts”. A project that aims to keep alive the passion for the historic brand.

But how many realities are hidden in our Italy? Sometimes you don’t really realize the number of enthusiasts, collectors, people who invest in an important way to make our motorcycle world one of the most interesting and relevant in the world.

There are really many realities, unique in their kind, always driven by the engine of passion, by that strange madness that seems to catch us when it comes to engines. It is always pleasant to discover these situations, perhaps not very well known by the general public, but which are of great importance for fans of that model or that brand, thus becoming the reference point of entire sectors of motorcycling worldwide.

An example of this type is undoubtedly Bimota Classic Parts,a company born from the totalizing passion of Paolo Girotti. But how to define its activity? A spare parts warehouse, a restoration center, one of bimota’s most important collections, a museum or whatever?

Really difficult, because Paolo is immersed in the Bimota world, a brand that has produced over the years many Ducati motorizedmodels, up to the neck, so much so as to create a real seat of the heart dedicated to all the bimotists in the world!

In fact, the new headquarters of Bimota Classic Parts was born in Chiusi, in the heart of Tuscany, a structure of 1500 square meters that collects inside the largest collection in the world of material concerning the bimota motorcycle brand.

bimota_classic_parts (5)
Bimota Classic Parts was created essentially to make available to bimota owners a wide range of spare parts for the mechanical, electronic, cycling and aesthetic part. Pieces that are no longer available are faithfully reproduced following the technical characteristics of the originals, as well as their design. Among other things, these pieces are almost always commissioned to the same historic companies that originally made them for Bimota. To this first service, over time, if many others are added, such as the exhibition of the brand’s historical motorcycles, the restoration of motorcycles or consultancy for sales and motorcycle evaluations.

It all began in 2015, when Paolo decided to buy everything that remained of the historic warehouse of Bimota di Rimini and open a collaboration agreement with the historic house.

bimota_classic_parts (6)

Paolo’s initial dream soon materializes in a real well-defined project, which has as its main focus the desire to make bimotahistorical motorcycles can be used again, providing all lovers of the brand with the necessary assistance and spare parts, so as to renew and strengthen the interest in these masterpieces that have made the history of motorcycling, especially for ducati motorized ones that have always been the most sought after.

The great passion for Bimota has done the rest, also considering the many initiatives undertaken, both nationally and internationally, such as theorganization of events and participation in competitions and events always with the Bimota Classic Parts brand.

In a short time, many promotional objects were also born: a balance Bike Bimota for children (faithful replica of the Bimota YB4 world championship winner with Virginio Ferrari), a clothing line, a commemorative helmet, bimotist wine; just a few examples of the set of ideas that have contributed to making this company the most important reference point in the world for historical Bimota.

But what makes the difference is undoubtedly the vastness and the division by themes of the new headquarters, a structure that develops over several environments, although what predominates over everything is the Bimota museum.

bimota_classic_parts (3)
Two views of the Bimota museum in Chiusi: as you can see there are numerous models with Ducati motorization, both two valves as in the case of the Thesis.


At the entrance we find a bar (or more precisely a refreshment point) where motorcyclists and enthusiasts who visit it can take a break and taste the typical products while sipping a good wine, as per Tuscan tradition!

In the large lobby, in addition to the bar and some of the most successful Bimotas, such as the Bimota Thesis 1D that raced in Daytona motorized Ducati 888 SBK or the Bimota YB9 SRI which won the Italian Super Sport championship in 1999, visitors can visit the shop where you can buy, in addition to the entrance ticket to the museum, any type of gadget and clothing.

Inside the first of the museum’s four rooms, the bikes on display capture the visitor’s attention: you can admire both road bikes such as the rare Bimota DB1 tricolor with motor Ducati 750 F1,what a racing bike: all unique pieces that, together with the many memorabilia, create a real emotional path in the history of this great brand.

bimota_classic_parts (1)

An absolute novelty is the possibility, during the journey, to go inside the warehouse where a specimen is displayed before everyone’s eyes for each product available in the warehouse.

Going up a staircase you go upstairs, where you dive into a truly suggestive room,which reproduces the bimota’s historic technical office of the 1980s,where the ingenuity of Massimo Tamburini and other great technicians gave life to the bikes that have entered the legend, such as the futuristic project Tesi; from the window of this room you can admire from above all the bikes on display in the museum.

bimota_classic_parts (2)
The reconstruction of Massimo Tamburini’s office at the time of his presence in the Rimini company.

Continuing on the same level, we cross a projection room with 21 places where you can admire the documentaries and videos of the great feats of the Bimota pilots,then arriving in a large multimedia room of 150 square meters where a series of training courses will soon start.

These rooms, together with the historical archive of the Bimota Classic Parts that has more than 5000 volumes, will be made available to visitors and university students looking for insights on the subject.

The walls of these rooms collect and tell a glimpse of world motorcycling, making this Italian dream born in the Rimini factory live firsthand almost 50 years ago.

bimota_classic_parts (4)

The new headquarters is accessible all year round, so as to allow everyone to stop at the internal refreshment point, buy both Bimota spare parts at the historic warehouse and gadgets in the shop.

Only to visit the Bimota Classic Parts museum and take advantage of the cinema room and multimedia room you need a reservation: it is therefore advisable to contact the Bimota Classic Parts by email or telephone (057821986) before planning the trip to fully appreciate the various aspects of the complex that certainly deserves a day of full immersion in the glories and history of the great and unforgotten Rimini brand.

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