Aragon 2020: this crazy, crazy world…

Technical knockout for Ducati, but thanks to Quartararo’s difficulties, Dovizioso remains in the fight for the title. Vince Rins, Mir at the top of the championship.

We say it immediately: beyond poisons, anger shots, justifications, team orders not given or not respected, we think that the problem should be sought upstream of Q1 on Saturday. How do I start with all six bikes from Q1? The Q1 is a bottleneck, a bottleneck flange, from which – if it goes well – you can pull out two sun bikes to play the next session, the Q2 one in which the best grid seats are assigned.

Little to aspire to the final victory and little even to set up that team game that six bikes on the track could allow. Something has not worked: it is evident and for Aragon there is only one word. Technical crisis. In the trials of Aragon the Duchies faced each other in the war of the poor and that is not their place. This championship is strange, yesterday Alex Rins deservedly won,with Suzuki, making sure that – once again – the points up for grabs dispersed in fan favoring the preservation of a certain balance at the top of the general classification, also thanks to a splendid Alex Marquez finally master of Honda.

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No one to rise above others, no one who has been able to pull events decisively to their side so far. The proof of this is Joan Mir’s position in the rankings: first. Without ever winning. This is the sitation… a sort of flag-stealer where the contenders, in surplace, do not decide to cheer the drape.

Joan Mir and Suzuki are in the lead with merit, the merit of being the most constant, the least swinging. Proof of this is also Mir’s comparison with Rins, yesterday’s winner: same bike but absolutely different situation. Will even those who will not be able to excel in a race win? Will it be up to those who say that the level is low? Will it have to be admitted that the absence of Marc Marquez has destabilized to such an extent that the absolute reference is lost? Will it be necessary to align ourselves with the thought that without Marc Marquez the common direction in which to look has been lost?

We like to think that even the reigning champion, this year he would have found himself in the same difficulties as the others, perhaps helped by the crystal clear talent, but he would have struggled too. In the meantime, however, we enjoy races like yesterday’s, unpredictable and exciting from start to finish: that’s what we like, right?

Even Yamaha, which seemed confident from the evidence that it could give the heavy leg, must capitulate. Quartararo, dominating in qualifying, made the shrimp race, finishing outside the points zone. Viñales, the second accredited suitor, is soon scaled back, Valentino, positive to Covid, is at home and Morbidelli does not go beyond an honest race.


Suzuki wins, we said, with Alex Rins, who is the eighth winner in nine races, wins by re-enthusing an Alex Marquez who has found the bandolo of the matassa and goes one step away from the resounding affirmation. The less famous of the Marquezs makes a scary race, starting from behind and eating the opponents one by one, until the dream that breaks three laps from the end, when a scary embarkation advises him to settle for second place. Honor and apologies to Alex, who frees himself from the un honourable title of what he has not understood anything about driving MotoGP and goes to bake the ranks of the talented boys sons of Moto2.

Joan Mir comes third and climbs to the top, behind him Viñales, Nakagami, Morbidelli and finally Andrea Dovizioso:

“Starting from the thirteenth position, today we managed to achieve the best possible result. Unfortunately we didn’t have the speed to be able to fight with the first – that’s the problem, because Marquez was only two positions ahead… – and maybe, with the temperatures higher than in the past few days, the average tire didn’t behave exactly as we expected. Surely now we have data on which to work in view of the next race weekend, which will always be run here in Aragón. We hope that the weather conditions will allow us to start working immediately with constancy starting from the first round of free friday”.

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Jack Miller will be ninth in the end, Joan Zarko tenth, Danilo Petrucci, winner of Le Mans and stone of scandal in Q1, only fifteenth, Rabat twentieth, one of the few, with Smith, not to have overcome Quartararo in black crisis. Pecco Bagnaia fell after three laps. The seventh place, defined as “solid”, can not satisfy, but this is the crazy championship, where those who are behind can aspire to be ahead in the next race. We will remember it for a long time, this 2020 season, where the certain thing is that nothing is certain. Four races are missing and there are only fifteen points to recover: andrea strength and Ducati strength!

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Andrea Tessieri

Andrea Tessieri, da sempre appassionato di motociclismo sportivo, segue le tappe italiane del WorldSBK e del mondiale GP professionalmente dalla fine degli anni novanta. Collaboratore di Mondo Ducati come fotografo e giornalista fin dai primi numeri, la propensione alla studio della storia del motociclismo sportivo lo porta alla pubblicazione di Ducati Racing, nel 1999, e del più recente Ducati Legends, uscito alla fine del 2021.

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